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Student Business Development

The Student Business Development Initiative promotes and enables the establishment of student-led new venture projects as an integral component of the RIT learning experience. Toward this end, the Initiative may enable select students to gain course or co-op credit for working on teams advancing a business concept toward commercialization.

The Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship counsels and coaches students on entry modes into the program and supervised their progress within the Initiative. There are four primary means to gain entry into the Simone Center:

  • Course Credit: With prior approval, student teams may sign up for the Applied Entrepreneurship and Commercialization course dedicated to entering the Student Business Development Initiative. This course may be taken as an RIT free elective and counts toward RIT's Entrepreneurship minor.
  • Co-op Credit: In partnership with the appropriate academic unit, students may also gain entry into the program though co-op credit. (Note: Co-op credit is predicated upon the support and approval of the appropriate home academic unit.)
  • Capstone/Product Realization Courses: A number of courses on campus focus on both product/service development and commercialization. Faculty supervising such initiatives may gain access for their students.
  • Independent Admission: A select number of students may enter the program independent of course or co-op credit. Accepted students are granted access to the student business development lab and provided with business mentors.

Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Albert J. Simone Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Find out more about the Student Business Development Lab including past student projects, entry requirements and learn all about the student business plan contest by visiting The Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship