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Undergraduate Co-op

Ten steps to a successful work experience!


  1. Co-op is Required for all Undergraduate Business Majors

Co-op is Required for all Undergraduate Business Majors.  Co-operative Education is required of all undergraduate business students. Co-op typically occurs during the junior and senior year and needs to be full-time, paid work experience in the student's field of study.

  1. Beginning the Job Search

Students must complete the privacy statement on Job Zone to begin the process. They can do this through the Co-op & Career Services Office. Co-op employers and job listings are available through the Job Zone.

  1. How Your Advisors Fit In

FACULTY ADVISOR: You are encouraged to work closely with your faculty advisor early on as you consider options for your co-ops. Your faculty advisor can provide suggestions for appropriate job roles for your major and insights into different industries you should consider.

ACADEMIC ADVISOR: Be sure to check with your academic advisor in the Student Services Office prior to beginning your co-op search to make sure you won't miss any critical courses that may only be scheduled once a year while you are away on co-op. International students must also have an authorization to work through the International Student Services Office and should verify they are eligible for the semester they are planning to co-op.

CO-OP ADVISOR: Your Co-op Advisor is here to help you prepare for your co-op and full-time job search process. We will meet during your mandatory co-op preparation course which you will take during your sophomore year. During that course you will learn how to write a resume and cover letter, complete a mock interview, learn how to work a career fair, effective networking skills, salary negotiation, and how make valuable employer contacts.  

  1. How Courses Fit In

If you plan on taking any courses while on co-op, you must add them through the normal processes. No more than one course is recommended however. If you do not plan to take courses, it is your responsibility to drop them during the drop/add period. Failure to do so will result in you paying tuition for that course you are registered for. No more than two courses may be taken when a student is on co-op.

  1. Registering For Co-op

Students need to be in good academic standing, and must register before beginning the work. Co-op work terms need to be a minimum of 16 weeks in length. Students need to have been enrolled in the SCB for at least one semester, usually more, and generally need to have one academic semester remaining upon their return from co-op.

Register Your Co-op on the RIT Job Zone. Steps in doing so are below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Students
  3. Click on Report Co-op or Internship along the left navigation bar
  4. Log in with your RIT computer account
  5. Complete ALL information requested
  6. Click on Submit at the bottom of the form
  7. Receive your confirmation page

  9. International Students

    International students need written authorization from the International Student Services Office and cannot co-op until one academic year of study has been completed. Please visit or contact the office at (585) 475-6943.

  11. Getting Your Coop Evaluated and Graded

At the end of your Co-op, you will receive the message below in your email from Do not delete this message. Please read it, and complete your evaluation.

"You are receiving this email because you need to complete your Student Work Report for your co-op at the bottom of this email.

PROCESS: Once you submit your Student Work Report and your employer submits the Employer Evaluation, your academic department will review your Work Report. Please spend the appropriate time on this report. It will be accepted or rejected by your faculty advisor based on your thoughtful responses.

Once accepted, your department will then submit an "S" grade for your co-op. Please note, your department may not review the forms and submit your grade until the end of the semester.

SAVING YOUR WORK: The save feature is not working properly. You can try saving in small sections, but saving your work in Word and pasting it into the form would be better. Submit does work if you complete all sections.

PAST SEMESTER: If you are receiving this email for a past semester's co-op and you have already been given an "S" grade through your department, please reply to this email with "semester" and "co-op S grade" in the subject. Your status will be updated in the system and you will stop receiving these reminder emails.

REJECTED WORK REPORTS: If necessary, you will be able to correct a rejected work report so that it can then be accepted by your department and you can be given and "S" grade."

  1. The Co-op Grade

All co-op terms carry zero credit hours (no tuition charged) and are assigned Incomplete grades if the report is not completed and graded by the end of the semester. These incomplete grades revert to permanent fails if you do not complete a satisfactory report. Don't let this happen to you!

  1. How Financial Aid Fits In to the Grading Process

If you received Financial Aid during the academic year while on co-op, the deadline to have your grade for co-op changed to Satisfactory may differ than at other times. Typically, you must have all grades changed to "S" no later than June 30th of that year. Please see your Financial Aid advisor with any questions about this requirement.

  1. Congratulations! You now have work experience to add to your resume!


(PDF) Official Co-operative Education Policy